Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Top 5 Favourite Anime & Best Character

Hello !!!!!!!!!
howwa u guys ? im good , totally awesome ! :D
everything was fine today , 
actually i'd got some prob with my bf but everything was okay now .
Oh yeahhh ! , see my title for today ?
haha :D i've being thinking about post it since forever bcoz its my fav & 1 of my hobby .
yeah , i love watching anime .
all my design is actually came out really like anime style .
its more like fantasy & cosplay .
i love something cute & unique .
also i make my figure illustration just like anime character .
i love the color , mood , character bout anime .
it is so into my design . :D

mostly i just post 3 of my fav ,
but for anime , i cant say 3 but theres alot of my fav .
i mean , i cant find which 1 i dont like .
i like them all . hahaha :D
but i've decided to choose only 5 .

Here is my number 1 .

i love this one !!!!
totally funny , its almost like Hana Kimi .
its about a very rich school for a very rich kids .
its totally elegance school .
& suddenly a student with scholarship come into this school .
she's a girl but these boys misunderstanding her as a man .
one day , she come into this host club made by these boys .
& by accident , she knocked a flower pot i guess , which is very expensive one .
& she broke it . 
for what happened , she have to pay back to them .
to pay all that , its not a small price to pay .
its a million of money .
so , she have to join them into the host club & pretend to be a man .
by joining them , her debt will slowly settled .

For my best character in this anime .
:D he is so cute ! adorable .
he's actually 17years old in this anime .
but he's kinda didnt look like 17 . more 5 years old .
haha :D very cute & innoncent .
Loves cake & sweets .
he cant never stop eating them .
Loves cute dolls especially Bunny made by his grandmother .
if u want to know more , please watch them ok ! :D

Here is my number 2 .

Yeah ! its lovely complex .
its actually from manga & turn to anime & lastly turn into real action movie .
here is Risa & Otani .
they really stupid ! haha :D funny & argue all the time .
its about the girl is more taller than the boy .
but they're having such a common favourite .
they're totally like a twins .
but they're actually having such a lovely feeling for each other .
i cant decide which character i love the most .
bcoz i love both of them .
:D so watch them okay ! 

Here is my number 3 .

i LOVE it !!!!!
they're all so cute !!
err -,- but im not a lesbian okay ! haha :D
its about demon world & god world combine together with human world .
so they're all live together in human world .
one day , king of god & demon come into human world .
they looking for 1 guy called rin-kun
this guy are selected to marry either god's daughter or satan's daughter .
if he choose god , thats mean he can use all the god power & become the king .
same thing goes to demon too .
:D its a very fun anime . 
but its kinda enchi abit ( enchi = pervert things )
just ignore that , its totally fun ! :D

my best character in this anime is ,
she's actually half demon & half human .
she's have a very powerful power that actually can distroy everything .
but she's keep denying the truth .
she's doesnt want to use her power at all untill causing her serious illness . :(
thats inside of her but her outside look ,
she's a very funny , talkactive , hyper & cheers all the time .

Here is my number 4 .

toradora is kinda a new anime .
its about 2 persons that having such a scary face & name .
which is taiga = tiger & ryuji = dragon .
Ryuji is actually a nice guy . very nice & friendly .
but bcoz of his scary face , all students in his school misunderstanding bout him .
Taiga is also a nice lil girl . but bcoz of her name & her family problems ,
she's kinda lonely & always blame on other people without know the truth .
she's also let out her anger towards whose didnt guilty .
alot of fun stuff in this anime . try watch it ! :)

My best character is .
yeah , she is kinda scary but i love her bcoz she's cute in some of situation .
very childish & small .
she's got a very interesting characters inside her . 

Here is my number 5 . Final one . 

haha :D i love it !!!!
fun story , i love pirates ! 
but still keep watching it , i dont even know when its going to be end .
kinda lazy to wait the new episode but since i like it so , i decide to keep watching .
i do read manga too but theres no fun reading it . bcoz i cant read something not moving .
im feel so sleepy ! -,- haha :D

My fav character is 
hahaha :D i love him .
so cute !!!! i bet everyone like him too right ?
no one doesnt like him .
i love when he get totally shy & hyper .
so adorable !! :D

Oh well , guys ! thats it .
there is my top 5 .
i'll post more soon . so keep waiting okay ! :D
Oh yea , for those didnt know where to watch them ,
click on those 

bye guys ! adios ! have a nice day :D

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