Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Top 5 Favourite Anime & Best Character

Hello !!!!!!!!!
howwa u guys ? im good , totally awesome ! :D
everything was fine today , 
actually i'd got some prob with my bf but everything was okay now .
Oh yeahhh ! , see my title for today ?
haha :D i've being thinking about post it since forever bcoz its my fav & 1 of my hobby .
yeah , i love watching anime .
all my design is actually came out really like anime style .
its more like fantasy & cosplay .
i love something cute & unique .
also i make my figure illustration just like anime character .
i love the color , mood , character bout anime .
it is so into my design . :D

mostly i just post 3 of my fav ,
but for anime , i cant say 3 but theres alot of my fav .
i mean , i cant find which 1 i dont like .
i like them all . hahaha :D
but i've decided to choose only 5 .

Here is my number 1 .

i love this one !!!!
totally funny , its almost like Hana Kimi .
its about a very rich school for a very rich kids .
its totally elegance school .
& suddenly a student with scholarship come into this school .
she's a girl but these boys misunderstanding her as a man .
one day , she come into this host club made by these boys .
& by accident , she knocked a flower pot i guess , which is very expensive one .
& she broke it . 
for what happened , she have to pay back to them .
to pay all that , its not a small price to pay .
its a million of money .
so , she have to join them into the host club & pretend to be a man .
by joining them , her debt will slowly settled .

For my best character in this anime .
:D he is so cute ! adorable .
he's actually 17years old in this anime .
but he's kinda didnt look like 17 . more 5 years old .
haha :D very cute & innoncent .
Loves cake & sweets .
he cant never stop eating them .
Loves cute dolls especially Bunny made by his grandmother .
if u want to know more , please watch them ok ! :D

Here is my number 2 .

Yeah ! its lovely complex .
its actually from manga & turn to anime & lastly turn into real action movie .
here is Risa & Otani .
they really stupid ! haha :D funny & argue all the time .
its about the girl is more taller than the boy .
but they're having such a common favourite .
they're totally like a twins .
but they're actually having such a lovely feeling for each other .
i cant decide which character i love the most .
bcoz i love both of them .
:D so watch them okay ! 

Here is my number 3 .

i LOVE it !!!!!
they're all so cute !!
err -,- but im not a lesbian okay ! haha :D
its about demon world & god world combine together with human world .
so they're all live together in human world .
one day , king of god & demon come into human world .
they looking for 1 guy called rin-kun
this guy are selected to marry either god's daughter or satan's daughter .
if he choose god , thats mean he can use all the god power & become the king .
same thing goes to demon too .
:D its a very fun anime . 
but its kinda enchi abit ( enchi = pervert things )
just ignore that , its totally fun ! :D

my best character in this anime is ,
she's actually half demon & half human .
she's have a very powerful power that actually can distroy everything .
but she's keep denying the truth .
she's doesnt want to use her power at all untill causing her serious illness . :(
thats inside of her but her outside look ,
she's a very funny , talkactive , hyper & cheers all the time .

Here is my number 4 .

toradora is kinda a new anime .
its about 2 persons that having such a scary face & name .
which is taiga = tiger & ryuji = dragon .
Ryuji is actually a nice guy . very nice & friendly .
but bcoz of his scary face , all students in his school misunderstanding bout him .
Taiga is also a nice lil girl . but bcoz of her name & her family problems ,
she's kinda lonely & always blame on other people without know the truth .
she's also let out her anger towards whose didnt guilty .
alot of fun stuff in this anime . try watch it ! :)

My best character is .
yeah , she is kinda scary but i love her bcoz she's cute in some of situation .
very childish & small .
she's got a very interesting characters inside her . 

Here is my number 5 . Final one . 

haha :D i love it !!!!
fun story , i love pirates ! 
but still keep watching it , i dont even know when its going to be end .
kinda lazy to wait the new episode but since i like it so , i decide to keep watching .
i do read manga too but theres no fun reading it . bcoz i cant read something not moving .
im feel so sleepy ! -,- haha :D

My fav character is 
hahaha :D i love him .
so cute !!!! i bet everyone like him too right ?
no one doesnt like him .
i love when he get totally shy & hyper .
so adorable !! :D

Oh well , guys ! thats it .
there is my top 5 .
i'll post more soon . so keep waiting okay ! :D
Oh yea , for those didnt know where to watch them ,
click on those 

bye guys ! adios ! have a nice day :D

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Top Most Favourite Japanese Cooking Toys

hello guys !
howwa u ? :D
its been 2weeks i guess since my last posted .
im being sick , miserable & busy within last 2 weeks .
so now im back & i miss u guys so much .
i cant even finish all of new post come out from my dashboard .
but i'll keep reading ur blog :D

theres alot of things i would like to share in here .
but i'll post only 1 of them & i'll make sure that i'll post some more soon .
so , its about Cooking toys .
haha :D i know its sound childish but i dont care .
sometimes im just feel like im not posting about fashion but something else .
but i'll post my lastest design or favourite soon .

Do u guys know anything about cooking toys ?
well , theres a lot of cooking toys out there .
alot of difference type of cooking toys .
but what is more took my attention is a toy that can cook like real .
i mean really real !! 

1st = konapun (^,^)V

they look yummy !!!!! 
im feel like eating them now .
they look so real . but we cant eat them .
to play & make all of these meals u have to have a complete kitchen .
then only then , u can buy all of these meals & make them .
i dont know where to get it in Malaysia but u can buy them on .
1 set of meal = rm99 . yeah ! expensive right .
play & make it only for once & u can play with them anymore .
if u still want play then u have to buy another one . the new one .
yeah ! kinda sad bcoz u buy it in very expensive price & can play for once .
but i still like it . very cute ! looks delicious . but its acidic .
dangerous for kids ! -,- 

2nd = kracie poppin cookin . ;D

awwww !! yummy !
they suppose to be my 1st but emm .
oh well , theres a reason why it become 2nd .
its becoz of the 1st one cant eat but can keep it for long time .
but this one we can eat them but we cant keep them .
yeah ! it is a good news becoz we eat them but they're so cute to eat them .
if we keep them , it'll bcome very stingky & expired . like a real food .
but still like them . very cute ! & very sweet .
they're taste like soft candy like mashmallow .
some of them taste like jelly . 
i dont know where to get it in Malaysia or but u can try .
im not sure aboute the price but its more expensive than konapun .

3rd = whipple craft 

pretty cute adorable yummy ! what else ?
haha :D so cute .
but cant eat them , too bad . :(
they're amazing icing cream craft that lets kids become a pastry chef .
they can creating & decorating an assortment of pretend food .
but u have to not mess up with those cream , becoz its actually kinda like a glue .
an very long-lasting glue . so , be careful .
u can have them on .
its cost about rm50 i guess . 
not really expensive than konapun or poopin cookin . 
but its really nice to play with ! so try one ! :D

u guys can watch these cooking toys video on youtube .
click on it :)

thats all for my top cooking toys .
tell me about ur favourite . i want to know too ! ^^
i'll post more interesting stuff soon , so wait for it okay ! :D
adios guys , take care ! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A very bad day But mom saved me . thanks mom !

Assalamualaikum semua ! 
Hello to all of you .
hope ur day was awesome today .
the reason why im said that , bcoz today its kinda very bad day for me .

I've got a plan today , 
actually my bf & i plan to go sunway .
& suddenly my friend's car broke down .
so my bf called me & ask me for help .
i asked my brother if i can borrow his car for a while .
then he suddenly said " i dont care bout ur friends , whether they alive or die "
im totally pissed off ! & totally make me cried .

i told my bf about it & suddenly my bf become a very hot temper person !
he's mad about my brother that such a selfish person .
i was cried ! my brother not just said those bad thing in front of me , 
but also in front of his friends & my cousin 
im so embarrassed ! how can my own brother said those bad things to me .
is he does not love me ? im his own sister . the only sister that he had .
im totally upset & call my mom .
i've told her what happened & i ask her to come home early .

As soon as she arrived , we go fast to look what happened to them ( my bf & friends )
the car was totally broke down & cant even start the engine .
we have to call the mechanic .
me & mom look for car workshop .
& finally we have found it & the car was send to the workshop .

they all so glad that my mom  came & helped them .
im also glad my mom helped them .
after that we went to subang jaya & have dinner since we all didnt eat yet .
totally hungry & after that we send they home .
my mom make me love her so much now .
without her , i dont know what would happened to them .
but im totally disappointed with my brother .
i've do everything to make him happy .
all the homework , i do by myself .
i cooked , i cleaned .
always remember him & always do anything that he ask me .
but in the time that i need him , he's totally ..
i dont know . 

im sorry guys , im totally dont have any mood for today .
its feel like everything u do is wrong .
& u feel like being a maid in ur own house .
nobody love u even ur own brother .
thats what i felt right now .

p/s : if u have a sister or brother .
please be there for them in the time they really need you .
love ur sibling becoz thats what Allah gave u .
be grateful to have them as ur siblings . 
i wish my brother love me .
i wish he realize what he done wrong .
im totally alone .

My Top 3 Favourite Cartoon Show :)

Hello u guys !
Howwa u ? im good . totally good , :D
finally my internet line going fine today .
not really fine but it consider okay i guess .
Im sorry for not update anything last night .
since my internet messed with me last night , so i'll update blog today !
:D so excited !!! 

Well , today's topic is not about fashion at all .
i guess im kinda mistaken about my blog name .
i should called it only " sooyun " 
Oh well , nevermind bout it .

Ok , back to the topic !
i dont care if other people might say im look so childish .
everyone have their own favourite right ?
yes i love fashion but its not like i cant love other things .
So , have u guys ever watch hilarious cartoon ?
i dont really watch those cartoon like spongebob or dora the explorer .
its not like i dont like it but im prefer more hilarious mature jokes inside the cartoon i watch .

Here is my top 3 favourite cartoon .
i'll start with my first one . :D

Yeah ! as u can see it , my first one is FAMILY GUY :D
they are so hilarious . i can even roll over if i watch their show .

main characters

They all are so funny !
if u guys want to know why im said they are so funny , then try watch them on youtube .
Or u guys can also watch them in FOX channel on astro . :D

Here is my second favourite . :)

Yeahhh ! its HAPPY TREE FRIENDS (^,^)V
they soooooooooo cute !!!!!
i wish i can have them in real life .
but its kinda freaky bcoz they cute but too cruel ! :(
yeah , their show its the most violent cute cartoon ever !
i dont feel like hate them after they killing each other sometimes ,
but i think they all cute & i can even laugh when they killed others . haha :D
i wish i can squeeze them & hug them & kiss them & play with them :D
 i like flippy , cuddles & mime ! cuteee ♥ ♥ ♥
i cant find them on tv so , u guys can watch them on youtube . :D

Now , is the last one . 

the last one is  THE SIMPSONS :)
mostly people will rank it to be the first but not me .
they soo funny but sometimes they kinda old to me .
i mean their show kinda gets me bored .
but still love them since i love Bart . he's adorable & naughty :D
i sure does love others too .
Homer , Marge , Lisa & baby Maggie , :D
u can watch them on STAR WORLD channel on astro . 

So , thats all my top 3 .
if u guys got ur favourite , please let me know .
i would love to watch it too .
who knows , it'll be on my top list again :D
So guys ! please have a very wonderful time around . adios :D

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Most Favourite Brands This Month .

Hello u guys !
how are u ? im good & awesome :)
theres nothing happened today .
rest & hv some family time :D

So , what im going to talk about is ...
My Most Favourite Brands for This Month .
1st is ANNA SUI .

i love them so much .
mostly their design very gave me alot of inspiration .
my design is currently looks like them but i make it my own .
its like i combine it both brand into my design .
what i love about them ?
firstly for Anna Sui , i love her pattern on textile she used .
alot of flower , abstract of geomatric , colorful textile .
sometimes her design looks the same in each season .
its like country look !
but its beautiful . her design look more inoncent & sincerity .
1 word for her design is UNIQUE . yeah ! :D

second is Dolce & Gabbana .
everyone know who they are .
a very lovely Gay couple :D
dont laugh , they actually very sweet .
their design almost look the same as DSQUARE2 .
did u guys know them ?
they also basic on 2men . 
but they are not couple but a twins !
a very identical twins
what i love about D&G is very modern & elegance .
mostly their design based on black & white color . 
 very classic ! :D

Ok enough with them .
i'll show u their latest collection .

its ANNA SUI .
im only got 2 pictures of her latest spring 2011 collection .
but its totally amazing . :)

its D&G :)
see what i mean .
they love black & white .
its totally based on their concept of classic modern & elegance :)

Ok guys ! thats all for today .
adios ! no jokes today . haha :D
feel like very weird .

Friday, April 22, 2011


HAI !!!!
i cant believe im actually post 2things today .
 haha :D its only bcoz of i didnt post out last night .
 So , i posted it just now in afternoon .
 did u guys read my title ?
 which one do u like the most ?
Well , for me i will say cupcakes .
but i do like macaron too .
i mean , i like both of them . haha :D
i cant even say NO to those sweet lil sweet taste & cute & ok im better stop . haha :D
but does anyone out there make both of them ?
i mean like combine macaron & cupcakes together .
cupcakes on bottom + colourful aising +  macaron + aising again + cute fondant on top
 Oh my , i love it !!!!
it sounds cute & adorable .
Oh wait ! its a same meaning right ?
haha :D silly me .

im just feel like eating them now .
thats why i posted it .
i do love sharing with all of u .
does anyone not know what is a cupcakes & macaron are ?
Well , i guess u can called them a sweet like candy .
oh wait , no . its does sweet but its difference .
macaron is a cookies from italy & cupcakes is a mini cake & i dont know where its come from .
haha :D but surely they taste great !



look at them !!!
im feel like having sugar high ! haha :D
so colorful & taste sweet .
if i can have them now , i would take care of them in my crystal box .
& keep them clean & cute everyday . (^,^) V
i would make them like a pet !
it sounds silly right ? -,-
*stop it eniey ! u rambling again* (talked to myself)

Ok guys ! take care ! thanks for reading ! :D
Love ya ! adios !


even tho its already near to noon . haha :D
im totally forgot to update my blog last night , so very sorry guys .
Oh i miss you guys so much , alot of interested blog came out on my dashboard , :D
u guys were amazing , i wish my blog as pretty as urs . :D

Im totally tired last night , i cant even remember what i did . -,-
 fetched my dad at airport & went dinner with familly .
 fun but after dinner i was like *erghh ! my tummy looks like a ball & i dont feel good*
 Yeah , i am dont feel good , its feel like a snake crossing over ur tummy & make it own bed to sleep .
haha :D im rambling again am i ? Oh well thats me ! haha :D
u guys might think why am i always give some silly example .
Oh well , i dont know ! haha :D its like automatically came out & i wrote it down .

Ok , stop with the rambling .
 u know im always hv something to share .
 this time its about SKETCHING !
 do u guys love create something weird or unique or simply out of ur mind ?
 Well , this girl down here , loves doing all that . its not like sketching but its creating .
 she actually make it real . Oh my , & she loves button & some other things like rubbish i guess .
 dont get me wrong , what i mean is , she making art with alot of buttons .
she's totally amazing , she loves drawing , creating & making art . :)
 i'll put some of her pictures & art & link for u guys connect with her . :D

(click on those word)

i dont know bout u guys but i think shes cute :D
do follow her on youtube ok ! :)

i'll update more today if i have time . hee :D
So , adios bloggers ! (^,^)V

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what a boring day *sigh -,-

yeah thats right ! its a another boring day as usual .
i dont feel like designing today . im feel like sleepy & rolling over on my bed . :D
Oh well , actually there is a plan for today .
but the plan is like . . . . . .
Yeah ! its nothing happened . 
i hv to wait another week to meet my BF . 
OH my , i miss him so much . 
its being 3weeks already since last time i met him .
met him for like 5hours & i hv to wait like 1year ,
so tired of waiting . -,-
but its ok , as soon as i get my car as my dad already make his promises.
so , i'll fetch him as many as i want . haha :D
Ok , some of u might think " why u should fetch ur bf ?"
"why dont he come & fetch u "
ok , my bf is not like other guys that hv such a wealthy family .
but im not saying that im rich .
i dont care about his money but i care bout him .
 Love him for him . :D
So , it might pretty hard for myself bcoz im a GIRL & i hv to get him .
its ok , bcoz i know im the only one he loves the most ! :D
its being 1year & 3months now , so it proved that he love me :D
Oh wait , i got something to share .

HER NAME IS JUSTINE ( yeah , she a girl )

here is her youtube / twitter / facebook  (click on those link to follow her )


Oh well , especially on her youtube game channel .
she's a game lover & so do i . haha :D
try watch her on vlog , she's such a silly girl but cute ! :D
thats all for today . take care guys .