Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Top 3 Favourite Cartoon Show :)

Hello u guys !
Howwa u ? im good . totally good , :D
finally my internet line going fine today .
not really fine but it consider okay i guess .
Im sorry for not update anything last night .
since my internet messed with me last night , so i'll update blog today !
:D so excited !!! 

Well , today's topic is not about fashion at all .
i guess im kinda mistaken about my blog name .
i should called it only " sooyun " 
Oh well , nevermind bout it .

Ok , back to the topic !
i dont care if other people might say im look so childish .
everyone have their own favourite right ?
yes i love fashion but its not like i cant love other things .
So , have u guys ever watch hilarious cartoon ?
i dont really watch those cartoon like spongebob or dora the explorer .
its not like i dont like it but im prefer more hilarious mature jokes inside the cartoon i watch .

Here is my top 3 favourite cartoon .
i'll start with my first one . :D

Yeah ! as u can see it , my first one is FAMILY GUY :D
they are so hilarious . i can even roll over if i watch their show .

main characters

They all are so funny !
if u guys want to know why im said they are so funny , then try watch them on youtube .
Or u guys can also watch them in FOX channel on astro . :D

Here is my second favourite . :)

Yeahhh ! its HAPPY TREE FRIENDS (^,^)V
they soooooooooo cute !!!!!
i wish i can have them in real life .
but its kinda freaky bcoz they cute but too cruel ! :(
yeah , their show its the most violent cute cartoon ever !
i dont feel like hate them after they killing each other sometimes ,
but i think they all cute & i can even laugh when they killed others . haha :D
i wish i can squeeze them & hug them & kiss them & play with them :D
 i like flippy , cuddles & mime ! cuteee ♥ ♥ ♥
i cant find them on tv so , u guys can watch them on youtube . :D

Now , is the last one . 

the last one is  THE SIMPSONS :)
mostly people will rank it to be the first but not me .
they soo funny but sometimes they kinda old to me .
i mean their show kinda gets me bored .
but still love them since i love Bart . he's adorable & naughty :D
i sure does love others too .
Homer , Marge , Lisa & baby Maggie , :D
u can watch them on STAR WORLD channel on astro . 

So , thats all my top 3 .
if u guys got ur favourite , please let me know .
i would love to watch it too .
who knows , it'll be on my top list again :D
So guys ! please have a very wonderful time around . adios :D


  1. thats will be on my top childish cartoon . :D

  2. suka family guy dgn the simpsons.!

  3. yeyyy ! afifah kite geng ! huhu :D hip hip hooreeeeyyyy