Friday, April 22, 2011


even tho its already near to noon . haha :D
im totally forgot to update my blog last night , so very sorry guys .
Oh i miss you guys so much , alot of interested blog came out on my dashboard , :D
u guys were amazing , i wish my blog as pretty as urs . :D

Im totally tired last night , i cant even remember what i did . -,-
 fetched my dad at airport & went dinner with familly .
 fun but after dinner i was like *erghh ! my tummy looks like a ball & i dont feel good*
 Yeah , i am dont feel good , its feel like a snake crossing over ur tummy & make it own bed to sleep .
haha :D im rambling again am i ? Oh well thats me ! haha :D
u guys might think why am i always give some silly example .
Oh well , i dont know ! haha :D its like automatically came out & i wrote it down .

Ok , stop with the rambling .
 u know im always hv something to share .
 this time its about SKETCHING !
 do u guys love create something weird or unique or simply out of ur mind ?
 Well , this girl down here , loves doing all that . its not like sketching but its creating .
 she actually make it real . Oh my , & she loves button & some other things like rubbish i guess .
 dont get me wrong , what i mean is , she making art with alot of buttons .
she's totally amazing , she loves drawing , creating & making art . :)
 i'll put some of her pictures & art & link for u guys connect with her . :D

(click on those word)

i dont know bout u guys but i think shes cute :D
do follow her on youtube ok ! :)

i'll update more today if i have time . hee :D
So , adios bloggers ! (^,^)V

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