Friday, April 22, 2011


HAI !!!!
i cant believe im actually post 2things today .
 haha :D its only bcoz of i didnt post out last night .
 So , i posted it just now in afternoon .
 did u guys read my title ?
 which one do u like the most ?
Well , for me i will say cupcakes .
but i do like macaron too .
i mean , i like both of them . haha :D
i cant even say NO to those sweet lil sweet taste & cute & ok im better stop . haha :D
but does anyone out there make both of them ?
i mean like combine macaron & cupcakes together .
cupcakes on bottom + colourful aising +  macaron + aising again + cute fondant on top
 Oh my , i love it !!!!
it sounds cute & adorable .
Oh wait ! its a same meaning right ?
haha :D silly me .

im just feel like eating them now .
thats why i posted it .
i do love sharing with all of u .
does anyone not know what is a cupcakes & macaron are ?
Well , i guess u can called them a sweet like candy .
oh wait , no . its does sweet but its difference .
macaron is a cookies from italy & cupcakes is a mini cake & i dont know where its come from .
haha :D but surely they taste great !



look at them !!!
im feel like having sugar high ! haha :D
so colorful & taste sweet .
if i can have them now , i would take care of them in my crystal box .
& keep them clean & cute everyday . (^,^) V
i would make them like a pet !
it sounds silly right ? -,-
*stop it eniey ! u rambling again* (talked to myself)

Ok guys ! take care ! thanks for reading ! :D
Love ya ! adios !


  1. aaaa , comel gle macaroon tuh , burghh ==

  2. kannnnn !!! comel kan ! hee :D i suka sangat2 ! rasa macam nak gigit2 tak nak lepas . hahaha :D