Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Most Favourite Brands This Month .

Hello u guys !
how are u ? im good & awesome :)
theres nothing happened today .
rest & hv some family time :D

So , what im going to talk about is ...
My Most Favourite Brands for This Month .
1st is ANNA SUI .

i love them so much .
mostly their design very gave me alot of inspiration .
my design is currently looks like them but i make it my own .
its like i combine it both brand into my design .
what i love about them ?
firstly for Anna Sui , i love her pattern on textile she used .
alot of flower , abstract of geomatric , colorful textile .
sometimes her design looks the same in each season .
its like country look !
but its beautiful . her design look more inoncent & sincerity .
1 word for her design is UNIQUE . yeah ! :D

second is Dolce & Gabbana .
everyone know who they are .
a very lovely Gay couple :D
dont laugh , they actually very sweet .
their design almost look the same as DSQUARE2 .
did u guys know them ?
they also basic on 2men . 
but they are not couple but a twins !
a very identical twins
what i love about D&G is very modern & elegance .
mostly their design based on black & white color . 
 very classic ! :D

Ok enough with them .
i'll show u their latest collection .

its ANNA SUI .
im only got 2 pictures of her latest spring 2011 collection .
but its totally amazing . :)

its D&G :)
see what i mean .
they love black & white .
its totally based on their concept of classic modern & elegance :)

Ok guys ! thats all for today .
adios ! no jokes today . haha :D
feel like very weird .

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