Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A very bad day But mom saved me . thanks mom !

Assalamualaikum semua ! 
Hello to all of you .
hope ur day was awesome today .
the reason why im said that , bcoz today its kinda very bad day for me .

I've got a plan today , 
actually my bf & i plan to go sunway .
& suddenly my friend's car broke down .
so my bf called me & ask me for help .
i asked my brother if i can borrow his car for a while .
then he suddenly said " i dont care bout ur friends , whether they alive or die "
im totally pissed off ! & totally make me cried .

i told my bf about it & suddenly my bf become a very hot temper person !
he's mad about my brother that such a selfish person .
i was cried ! my brother not just said those bad thing in front of me , 
but also in front of his friends & my cousin 
im so embarrassed ! how can my own brother said those bad things to me .
is he does not love me ? im his own sister . the only sister that he had .
im totally upset & call my mom .
i've told her what happened & i ask her to come home early .

As soon as she arrived , we go fast to look what happened to them ( my bf & friends )
the car was totally broke down & cant even start the engine .
we have to call the mechanic .
me & mom look for car workshop .
& finally we have found it & the car was send to the workshop .

they all so glad that my mom  came & helped them .
im also glad my mom helped them .
after that we went to subang jaya & have dinner since we all didnt eat yet .
totally hungry & after that we send they home .
my mom make me love her so much now .
without her , i dont know what would happened to them .
but im totally disappointed with my brother .
i've do everything to make him happy .
all the homework , i do by myself .
i cooked , i cleaned .
always remember him & always do anything that he ask me .
but in the time that i need him , he's totally ..
i dont know . 

im sorry guys , im totally dont have any mood for today .
its feel like everything u do is wrong .
& u feel like being a maid in ur own house .
nobody love u even ur own brother .
thats what i felt right now .

p/s : if u have a sister or brother .
please be there for them in the time they really need you .
love ur sibling becoz thats what Allah gave u .
be grateful to have them as ur siblings . 
i wish my brother love me .
i wish he realize what he done wrong .
im totally alone .

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