Friday, May 6, 2011

My Top Most Favourite Japanese Cooking Toys

hello guys !
howwa u ? :D
its been 2weeks i guess since my last posted .
im being sick , miserable & busy within last 2 weeks .
so now im back & i miss u guys so much .
i cant even finish all of new post come out from my dashboard .
but i'll keep reading ur blog :D

theres alot of things i would like to share in here .
but i'll post only 1 of them & i'll make sure that i'll post some more soon .
so , its about Cooking toys .
haha :D i know its sound childish but i dont care .
sometimes im just feel like im not posting about fashion but something else .
but i'll post my lastest design or favourite soon .

Do u guys know anything about cooking toys ?
well , theres a lot of cooking toys out there .
alot of difference type of cooking toys .
but what is more took my attention is a toy that can cook like real .
i mean really real !! 

1st = konapun (^,^)V

they look yummy !!!!! 
im feel like eating them now .
they look so real . but we cant eat them .
to play & make all of these meals u have to have a complete kitchen .
then only then , u can buy all of these meals & make them .
i dont know where to get it in Malaysia but u can buy them on .
1 set of meal = rm99 . yeah ! expensive right .
play & make it only for once & u can play with them anymore .
if u still want play then u have to buy another one . the new one .
yeah ! kinda sad bcoz u buy it in very expensive price & can play for once .
but i still like it . very cute ! looks delicious . but its acidic .
dangerous for kids ! -,- 

2nd = kracie poppin cookin . ;D

awwww !! yummy !
they suppose to be my 1st but emm .
oh well , theres a reason why it become 2nd .
its becoz of the 1st one cant eat but can keep it for long time .
but this one we can eat them but we cant keep them .
yeah ! it is a good news becoz we eat them but they're so cute to eat them .
if we keep them , it'll bcome very stingky & expired . like a real food .
but still like them . very cute ! & very sweet .
they're taste like soft candy like mashmallow .
some of them taste like jelly . 
i dont know where to get it in Malaysia or but u can try .
im not sure aboute the price but its more expensive than konapun .

3rd = whipple craft 

pretty cute adorable yummy ! what else ?
haha :D so cute .
but cant eat them , too bad . :(
they're amazing icing cream craft that lets kids become a pastry chef .
they can creating & decorating an assortment of pretend food .
but u have to not mess up with those cream , becoz its actually kinda like a glue .
an very long-lasting glue . so , be careful .
u can have them on .
its cost about rm50 i guess . 
not really expensive than konapun or poopin cookin . 
but its really nice to play with ! so try one ! :D

u guys can watch these cooking toys video on youtube .
click on it :)

thats all for my top cooking toys .
tell me about ur favourite . i want to know too ! ^^
i'll post more interesting stuff soon , so wait for it okay ! :D
adios guys , take care !