Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh well , today takde crite best nak update .
just duk umah . tak buat pape . bosan ><"
but something does happened last night .
idk if it the true story or just a prank . but seem like a whole world kno bout it .
i got a news from my collegemate's said " got a guy countdown for kill himself ".
i tot it was a joke but he did killed himslef last night by jump from his house .
poor this guy , died while on the way to hospital .

damn ! idk wht shud i say now . this accident really make a whole world silent for a while .
even tho his action was really idiot but the way he love his gf make ppl .... idk ! ><"
his exgf must be the most guilty person on earth now but there is nothing to blame on her .
even tho it seems like it was her fault but there is must a reason why she dumped him .
cant blame on her only jor !
how ever , RIP alviss kong . even tho im a muslim but there is nothing to be racist about .

p/s : for those in relationship out there . pls dont do something like him .
love ur family , love ur friends . they needs u ! pls hv a positive though before u do anything .

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